Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cutting Costs..

"The light at the end of tunnel has been turned out as a cost cutting exercise" - Unknown.

Most of the companies today have a core business service and also a Utility service department. The main aim of the latter is to find out ways to limit the spendings and show a lot of liquidity in the treasury. (Nothing is wrong with it..).

The main issue with such a scenario is not everyone in the utility service department know where to cut the expenditure. The whole aim of cutting the costs result in short sightedness coupled with no real vision for the future. Its a very tough call to decide where not to spend, as everyone would not understand, how the core business service functions. Where the aim should be to extract a lot from the core business service in terms of productivity, the interim camaflouged desires play an upper hand in looking into the benefits only for the near future.

This issue might not be a straight forward one to solve, due to the following:
1) It always depends on the inclination of the person who makes the decision, towards either business functions; his ability, involvement, vision and preference.
2) There are always people of type, whose personal ego and benefit plays an upper role and whose opinions always biased
3) People from one group do not understand the purpose of the other group. Some people are in borderline, where they are partly from core business service and partly from utility service and are very confused.
4) Their is never enough planning and preparedness.
5) Very flaky economic time.
6) Indecisive people and people who are afraid to make mistakes.

Is there a solution to this?
I believe, as people drop their egos and put their heart and soul to the quality of their work and are able to influence others as a team, can possibly solve it. But the key ingredient would be that it is done as a team.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brain to Brain communication...

This seems to be the next step to communicate effortlessly. Well, this seems to be nothing new and as I read the date this article is published, I feel like riding a bullock cart in the lane of Ferraris.

Mobicents have also come up with a server which takes these signals (from brain) and tranlsate it into known protocols. It is also capable of doing video communication by streaming video directly into your brain with all the sound, smells, pain, joy etc

The good thing also would be for disabled people who are not able to speak, with this way could communicate much easier. The blind can actually see since the device could be tied to a camera that would stream the live feed in their brain... This actually gives you the feeling that the possibilities are limitless.

And most important of all, this technology would be opensource :-)
Scholars say "Brain is the limit" and Iam not sure whether anything else would be possible to beat this technology, if it is implemented in a plug and play sort of way to humans...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Statistics isnt everything...

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Benjamin Disraeli.

There was an interesting article on statistics that I happened to pass by. It was statistically proved that "People who own black cars happen to be in more accidents than others". Now, some people will let them go or have a laugh about it, some may even get offended. This is the problem. Statistics arent usually given by people who are real statisticians or explain the numbers. They just say, that this study by so and so, has come up with such and such statistics. Why should a person who happens to listen to it, has to even accept it even if the numbers werent explained at all? Do you get it?

Well, I can come up with an assumption that people who use black cars may be mostly young and may be involved with accidents. Statistics are like lampposts, you can lean on them, but they dont give much light. Who knows what should be the reality.

Also, since people get appealed with statistics, there is a greater possibility that statistics are made up. As it goes by the famous proverb:
"Statistics are of two kinds, one is the kind you look up and one is the kind you make up"

Statistics can be never true in all cases...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Force A Fate...

A farmer's son need not end up being a farmer...
A lawyer's son need not end up being a lawyer...

While this is true, If the farmer's son decides to become a farmer, he comes up to the society with an inherited reputation. The very thing of living up to the expectations is a big deal.

The world of cricket, has produced a masterpiece in the name of Sachin Tendulkar. While the style of his cricket is absolutely unquestionable, it takes more than that. Things like attitude, passion, humility that he has exhibited these many days are more than anything that his offspring would also be expected to carry with him by default. Interesting Isn't it? :)

As Oscar Wilde has said:
One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is Diaspora in the game?

Social networking has gone miles ahead and is now considered as an essential means of communication.

Facebook has redefined the way of communicating and knowing each other. Many like "MySpace" have also done it before, but the concept of "wall", "relationship status" and "whats in my mind?" has made it more interesting than any others.

People, corporates now view Facebook as a means of collaboration in the whole gamut of communications.

Well, Now to add to the list of social networking sites, "Diaspora" which is more open (open standard ) as of now is all set to redefine social networking, promising what others have failed to give yet.

An Article which talks about the same:

Though the author talks about Diaspora as the one which is calm, segregative enough etc, I still will be eager to watch, how would the privacy promise, make a demanding appeal to the majority. Well it may, but would be really challenging.

Fingers crossed for Diaspora...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Carousel of Bigots...

Some people are of type "I believe what I believe, and I do not believe; that you do not believe the belief" :P

We have been trained to live with certain assumptions all throughout the life and we consider those as the axioms of the world. Its applicable to anything you may consider. For example, some may consider that their religion is the most superior, their race is more superior etc etc.

Professional life need not be different...
Its very much normal to be in a society of believers and non-believers.

It only remains in the approach of bigotry, that it may actually be used to advantage.

“The bigotry of the nonbeliever is for me nearly as funny as the bigotry of the believer.”
-Albert Einstein

It can only be considered as a great thing to watch the believers view from nonbelievers eye and vice-versa but still to maintain your own perspective.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The secret worm 007

There may be lot of investigations going on and media might be aware of some, not aware of many, may have cooked some information in the process etc etc. We may never know the truth and we may not get some answers for many questions...
If I may just speak about one of the interesting part in the whole news of stuxnet, it is the use of technology. (On a side note, Fox News has given a good detailed article, which is another interesting thing :P).

Some of the interesting things from cyber security viewpoint:
1) Exploiting unknown vulnerabilities in the system, even the creator / developer of the system is unaware of.
2) Breaking an "air gap" system, by deploying the worm at a strategic place.
3) Adapting to changes in the security measures until attaining the target.
4) Destroying itself, without leaving evidence for cyber trace.

Though this looks like fiction, the secret worm 007 (created by group of people / organizations / countries / military) seem to have done it..

Where is the worm?